Sunday, 3 June 2018

Bride of Chucky (5 Stars)

After a seven year gap the Child's Play franchise was finally extended with a fourth film. To emphasise the new start, all the films now have Chucky's name in the title, so that most fans refer to it as the Chucky franchise. The Germans jumped the gun. They had called the first three films "Chucky", "Chucky 2" and "Chucky 3" since the 1980's.

By now we know that Chucky is impossible to kill. However often he's destroyed at the end of a film he comes back. In the last two films it was the Play Pals company that brought him back to life. This time it's Charles Lee Ray's ex-girlfriend Tiffany Valentine.

She performs a voodoo rite while holding a magic tome in her hand.

She's a sweet little girl at heart. "I'll kill anyone, but I'll only sleep with someone I love".

Chucky can't take his eyes off her. He has good taste in women.

Just look at Tiffany. She's too much for a man to handle.

I feel all tingly inside just looking at Tiffany.

I feel all tingly inside looking at Jennifer Tilly in any role she plays, but the role of Tiffany Valentine seems to have been written for her. She's pure evil, and I'm saying that as a compliment.

This is the best film in the Chucky franchise. Ronny Yu is a brilliant director who never fails to astound me in any of his films. I regret that he didn't return for the later films.

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