Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Coco Austin Lingerie Promotion Day 12

If you wear this dress in the club you'll be the centre of attention. The other women will be burning with rage because their boyfriends can't stop looking at you, which is exactly what you want. It's a dress to cause a scandal.

The dress is available in black and red.

Coco Austin in black dress.

Coco Austin in black dress.

Amazon Prime Day is now over. I didn't buy as much as I expected this year. Just one Blu-ray box set, the Ruby Red trilogy, which was being sold as cheap as the third part by itself. I'll try to watch the three films back to back, either this month or next month.

You may have noticed that some of Coco Austin's items were on sale as Prime Day offers yesterday. I noticed too late to post anything. Sorry.

When I started my Coco Austin promotion month I expected a negative response from my regular readers who don't appreciate this unusual attempt on my part to make money. Alternatively, I thought there might be praise from readers who like seeing photos of a sexy woman. Now, after almost two weeks, I've still had no reaction, positive or negative. Maybe my readers are just scrolling past the promotional posts without bothering to read them. I've noticed that some of the posts have had a lot of readers, but not enough to push them into my top 10. Please let me know what you think.

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