Monday, 24 July 2017

Olympus has fallen (5 Stars)

Sometimes I don't understand film critics. Why does this film have such a low rating? Judging by the box office figures the public loved it. So do I. It's heart pumping action from beginning to end, with hardly a pause for breath.

The White House comes under attack from North Korean terrorists. The first step is a low flying plane with automated machine guns that kill hundreds of innocent bystanders in the streets of Washington. That's the way terrorists work; they deliberately target civilians in order to provoke chaos. Then a concentrated attack on the White House itself is carried out. Within minutes most of the security and administrative personnel are dead, and the president and vice president are taken hostage.

The only person able to fight back is Secret Service agent Mike Banning, one man fighting against dozens of trained Korean commandos. Is it realistic? All I can say is that if Sylvester Stallone can do it, so can Gerard Butler.

The most gripping scenes are at the beginning. Gripping and disheartening. It's terrible to see how quickly the White House is taken and how many people die in the assault. It's so realistic that I have to ask myself whether Kim Jong-un has watched the film to find inspiration for his own attack.

Morgan Freeman stars as the Speaker of the House, who becomes the acting President of the USA when both the president and the vice president are captured. Recently I've become aware what a magnificent actor he is. Whatever role he plays he has a regal bearing that puts everyone else in the shadows.

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