Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Knock Knock (4½ Stars)

In the John Wick films Keanu Reeves wiped out the whole of the Russian Mafia in New York single-handedly. In "Knock Knock" he has to tackle two pretty girls who arrive at his door on a rainy night, soaking wet. He doesn't stand a chance.

Keanu Reeves plays Evan Webber, a good husband and loving father of two children. The marriage still has its spark, but there are practical problems which unmarried people can never understand. You go to work during the day, then you want to spend a romantic evening together, but the children demand your attention. By the time they go to bed you're exhausted, so all you can do is sleep. If by any chance you both have any energy left to have sex, there's a noise from the children's bedroom, so you have to go see what's the matter. Or worse still, the children walk into your bedroom when you're just getting started.

This is the premise for the film. Evan complains that he hasn't had any sex for three weeks. This leaves him feeling on edge. He's vulnerable to temptation.

The family wants to go to the beach for the weekend, but Evan has a deadline to meet. He's an architect, so he can work at home while his family is away. Then the two wet girls arrive, Belle and Genesis. They're supposed to be going to a party, but the taxi driver has dropped them off in the wrong part of town. Evan offers to let them dry off while they're waiting for another taxi. He gives them bath robes while their clothes are in the clothes dryer, but as he finds out, they don't want to leave. They tell him outright that they want to have a threesome with him. As I already said, he's a faithful husband, but what man can resist two naked girls? It's every man's fantasy.

The day after. Evan wakes up satisfied. He's had what he's wanted for the last three weeks. Now it's time for the girls to go. But they still don't want to leave. Worse still, they're wrecking his home, in a literal way. They are painting penises on the walls and smashing sculptures. Evan threatens to call the police, but changes his mind when the girls tell him they're only 15.

Eventually the girls catch Evan off guard and knock him unconscious. He wakes up tied to the bed. Belle -- that's the blonde girl -- dresses up in his daughter's school uniform and rapes him. Speaking from experience I can verify that guilty sex is the best sex. Torture follows, but the physical pain isn't the worst part of it. The real terror is that the girls are wrecking his home and posting videos of their antics to Facebook. There's no way he can hide what's happened. His marriage is over.

"Knock Knock" is directed by Eli Roth, known for his horror films. This is a horror film as well, but it's more subtle than his other films. The glamour and sexuality is what we see first, so the full depth of the horror isn't apparent until we sit and think about the film. It's a film which deserves repeated viewing.

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