Sunday, 2 July 2017

Monsieur Pierre geht online (4 Stars)

We can sympathise with 79-year-old Pierre. He was happily married for 50 years, but two years ago his wife died. Since then he hasn't left his apartment in Paris. His daughter Sylvie does the shopping for him, and she cleans his apartment. She wants him to go out, if only to take a walk in the park, but he doesn't care. He says he just wants to stay at home and wait to die.

Sylvie decides that if she can't persuade her father to go out into the world she should bring the world to him. She buys him a laptop, and she asks her daughter's new boyfriend Alex to teach him how to use the Internet. Pierre discovers an Internet dating site. He doesn't want to reveal his real age, so he uses Alex's photo for his profile.

Pierre begins to get romantically involved with Fanny, a 31-year-old woman from Brussels. They arrange to meet, but Pierre asks Alex to go in his place. Despite already having a girlfriend Alex falls in love with Fanny, and they even sleep with one another. When they're apart Pierre continues with the online romance. How long can Fanny continue the romance with the two men without realising they're not the same person?

This is a delightful French comedy. It has a perfect balance between humour and romance. It's a simple story, but I believe it's a unique idea. I don't think anyone else has conceived this type of threesome before.

The original French title of the film is "Un profil pour deux" ("One profile for two people"), whereas the German title is "Monsieur Pierre goes online".. It's not yet available in English, so it's possible that when it's finally released the English title will be very different.

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