Saturday, 8 July 2017

Megashark vs Crocosaurus (4 Stars)

Recently I've been watching a few Godzilla films. Eight films in two weeks, to be precise. It's justified to refer to the films I've watched as "a few", because a total of 29 films have been made about Godzilla in Japan.

My readers might ask themselves why giant monster films like that are made in Japan and not in America. Let me point at this film. There has been a small series of giant shark films featuring other giant creatures as their opponents, all of them made in America. A few directors have been associated with the giant shark phenomenon, but none more than Christopher Ray, son of the legendary director Fred Olen Ray.

There are two things I can say about his shark films in general. In their favour, Christopher Ray's films have a breakneck pace. It's impossible for anyone to drag himself away from the films when he's started watching. Action follows action from one scene to the other, and even the scenes where characters are talking are full of suspense. What's bad about them is that the special effects are poor. The giant shark films are low budget productions, I know that, but throwing some extra money into the special effects budget could mean a great improvement. The special effects are computer generated, of course, but they shouldn't look like they're computer generated.

The overall impression of this film, like all the other giant shark films made by Christopher Ray, is positive. I can strongly recommend them.

If you're a real fan of this type of film you should know that in America they are only available on DVD, but in Germany they've been released on Blu-ray as well. The Germans are so much more advanced than the Americans. And what about England? Most of the films, including this one, haven't been released at all. I blame Brexit.

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