Saturday, 8 July 2017

The Walk (5 Stars)

I don't often watch or re-watch a film at random. Usually I decide what I want to watch next immediately after finishing a film, and nothing can tempt me to change my mind. Even if I buy a new film on Blu-ray, I put it in second place in my queue after the film I've already decided to watch.

This is a rare exception. I was reminded about it because it was a new addition to Netflix. I remembered that it was my favourite film of 2015. Maybe it's one of my favourite films ever. It's not just about the Walk itself. It's the whole film. It's the excitement of watching Philippe Petit's life story as he inexorably moves towards the Walk. It was the crowning achievement of his life, and after fulfilling it there was nothing left for him to do.

The film that I intended to watch today was "Megashark vs Crocosaurus". Maybe I'll find time for it this evening.

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