Friday, 7 July 2017

Coco Austin Lingerie Promotion Day 7

Cocolicious Lingerie is sized to fit a range of body types, from Small up to 1X. A combination of stretch fabric and unique garment construction allow the lingerie to flatter your figure in a seductive way whether you're petite or gifted with a curvaceous figure like Coco. It's especially important to Coco that Cocolicious Lingerie fits her fans and leaves them happy, satisfied and feeling sexy.

Cocolicious Lingerie is one of the most versatile lingerie brands on the market today. Coco wanted a line that could be worn as sexy, intimate bedroom attire, by the pool for daring tanning sessions, in the hot tub for late night parties, and under street clothes as a layering piece. Match Coco's Lingerie with a pair of cutoff jean shorts and stiletto heels and hit the club for wild fun. You can even rock it under your work clothes and let it be your sassy secret.

The smooth, silky spandex/nylon blend is Coco's choice for comfort, stretch, fit and durability. Synthetic fibres keep their colour and hold up to repeat use with surprising durability. The material feels cool on your skin, and helps to control sweat and odour for Coco's more active fans. Sheer and stretchy, you'll love the way Cocolicious Lingerie conforms to your body's contours and shows off your assets.

Coco Austin in red teddy.

Coco Austin in red teddy.

Coco Austin in red teddy.

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