Friday, 5 September 2014

As above, so below (3 Stars)

This film is in the format of "The Blair Witch Project". A team of explorers, led by Scarlett Marlowe, venture into the catacombs below Paris to find hidden treasure, and more importantly the legendary Philosopher's Stone, the ultimate invention/discovery of mediaeval alchemists. One of the team takes a camera to film the expedition, and the film is shown through his lens, with the well established shaky camera of the genre. In real life the Paris catacombs are wide tunnels, but the film shows them as narrow passages that the team has to crawl through. Effectively it's a three-dimensional maze, and their advances are hampered by subterranean dwellers and supernatural creatures.

The film was effective at scaring me. The claustrophobia is more terrifying than the monsters. I recommend seeing the film in a dark cinema, preferably sitting in one of the front rows, so that you see the screen and nothing but the screen. Plot-wise the film has little to offer. It's not a film to watch more than once.

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