Saturday, 20 September 2014

Mulholland Drive (5 Stars)

No hay banda!

It might interest you to know that David Lynch opposes viewers jumping to scenes in his films. Most of the DVD releases of his films, including this one, have no chapter breaks. The Blu-ray follows a different strategy. There are 56 chapters, and there's a "Scene Selection" menu. However, it isn't possible to select a precise chapter. The Blu-ray menu selects a chapter at random. As well as this, the buttons to skip a chapter forwards or backwards are disabled.


  1. I just never cared for this film. It started very well and then became all themes and subtext. No matter how clever the director I need a good solid story to hook into. At least the two friends who saw it with me liked it, but then English wasn't their first language and maybe they could appreciate the cinematography more..

    1. I think it's a beautiful film, though less comprehensible than "Lost Highway". There was an amusing interview with David Lynch shortly after "Mulholland Drive" was released. He said that he had read many reviews explaining what "Lost Highway" was about, but nobody had got it right. For that reason he made another film ("Mulholland Drive") which was about what people thought "Lost Highway" was about. That sounds freaky.

      But apart from that, I'm sure that I personally correctly understand "Lost Highway". A lot of people get confused. There are two main interpretations of "Lost Highway", the time loop interpretation and the mental breakdown interpretation. I consider the mental breakdown interpretation to be totally wrong, even though many people believe in it. For me the main question in the film is "Did Fred Madison kill his wife?" He's sentenced to death on the evidence of the videotape of him killing her, but we never see her body, suggesting that the video was faked.


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