Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Cabin in the Woods (4 Stars)

The Athlete. The Scholar. The Fool. The Virgin. The Whore. Which one are you?

I already wrote about this film last year. Click here for the review. It's a very good film that steers a fine line between meta-horror and parody without becoming trite. Today was only the second time I watched it. What I noticed especially was how used I am to Chris Hemsworth being Thor. Even though he's supposed to be a horny teenager, every time he speaks I expect him to pull out his hammer.

The film's concept is so good that I'd like to see a sequel, but that's not possible because the world is destroyed at the end of the film. Oops! Did I just give away a spoiler?

On a different topic, thanks to whoever bought so much from Amazon in August using my links. I don't know if it was the same person or different people because there were three separate large orders, all of them for a mixture of items: games, DVDs and kitchenware. As I've said before, making money isn't a high priority for me. I've avoided any money-making schemes that earn me money for clicks, because they would annoy my readers. I only earn money from people who actually buy things from Amazon. Having said that, my commission for the three sizeable orders in August was more than £22. Thank you.

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