Monday, 8 September 2014

Warrioress (2 Stars)

This film takes place in a future world governed by myths and superstition. Boudiccu lives in a village in the south, which hosts a yearly tournament to measure strength and speed. The winner is given two swords, the Opener and the Dragon Singer, with which he has to battle the champion from a village in the north. When I say "he" I really mean "she". Men are allowed to take part in the championship, but in the future world the women are better fighters, tougher and more ruthless, cutting men down with their swords without a moment's regret.

Cecily Fay is a skilled martial artist, she's sexy, and she shows off her body in brief nude scenes. Normally that would earn a film three thumbs up from me, but not this time. The film is spoilt by poor cinematography. They really need to invest in a better camera. Most of the scenes look fuzzy, which kills any sex appeal.

A further problem with the film is that it ends on a cliffhanger. I know that they did this deliberately to prepare us for the sequel, but it's still unsatisfying to me. Will the sequel ever be made? If it is, please make sure it's filmed better. Cecily has the skill to be an internationally renowned action star. She deserves better.

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