Monday, 8 September 2014

My son, my son, what have ye done? (4 Stars)

This is a film loosely based on a true story. A detective is called to a crime scene, where a man has murdered his mother. He can't be arrested because he has a gun and two hostages. The whole film takes place in front of the house, while the events that led up to the murder are told in flashbacks.

I enjoy the feeling and the style of the film, but there are no real explanations of how the events came about. Brad McCullam is a man who has always loved his mother, but after a vacation in Peru he becomes convinced that he has to kill her. It seems to be some sort of spiritual enlightenment that has led him to this drastic step, but it could also be madness. This is typical for the films directed by Werner Herzog. Rather than making it easy for the audience, he wants us to make up our own minds.

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