Saturday, 6 September 2014

Night Train (5 Stars)

Is your name on the passenger list? Are you going all the way? Everyone who is still on the train at Fall Brook is doomed. John Andersen, Cassandra Adams and Simona Dino slipped away safely, leaving only Chloe White, Peter Dobbs, Edna Froy, Hiro Nakata and Toshiro Yamashita on the train. And the ticket collectors, of course. As for the train's driver, we never see him. It's as if it's a driverless train that nobody can stop.

It's difficult to believe that this film went straight to video. It's a classic on so many different levels. The acting is superb, nobody can be faulted. The train itself is otherworldly. Even though it's crawling through a remote area of Saskatchewan in Canada, it's a regal vehicle that looks like a noble European train from the 19th Century. The film is timeless. Even though it was made in 2009, the action could have taken place at any time in the last 30 years.

The film's plot is difficult to describe, although I made an attempt in my last review. The mystery is never fully explained. It's an underrated film that every horror or suspense fan ought to watch.

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