Tuesday, 3 February 2015

They call me Trinity (4 Stars)

First he was Nobody, now he's Trinity.

This is another spaghetti western starring Terence Hill. In this film he teams up with Bud Spencer, with whom he made many films, westerns and other types of films. In this film Trinity (Terence Hill) and Bambino (Bud Spencer) are cattle rustlers. After shooting a sheriff Bambino took his place and is acting as a town's sheriff. (We aren't told the town's name). Bambino is just laying low until he finds another big job, but Trinity falls in love with two Mormon girls and decides to protect their people from bandit attacks. He even considers converting to Mormonism when he finds out that he'll be allowed to marry both of them.

Terence Hill made two films as Trinity, but due to the success some of his other films were renamed to put "Trinity" in the title. That's stupid, but it was common to rename films in the 1970's.

The picture quality on my DVD was very fuzzy, not the quality that I'm accustomed to. Supposedly there's a remastered Blu-ray, but it's only been released in Germany. I'll consider it.

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