Monday, 16 February 2015

Night Train (5 Stars)

No vote. No democracy. My train is a damn dictatorship, and I'm the damn dictator!

After watching the absolutely awful "Jupiter Ascending" yesterday I felt the need to watch a good film. So I reached into my shelf and grabbed "Night Train", one of my favourite films. It's probably one of the most underrated films ever made. Although "underrated" is a difficult category. What I mean is best explained by an example. Last year I looked at a list of "The world's 10 most underrated films". The top film in the list was "Dark City". What? That's stupid. "Dark City" doesn't belong on the list, because it's already recognised as a brilliant film. Maybe we need to specify who the film is underrated by. Many films are highly rated by critics, even though they're unknown to the public are large. Many films are highly rated in one country, but unknown in others.

To be truly underrated a film has to be Canadian. Nobody takes Canadian films seriously, not even the Canadians. "Night Train" is a Canadian film, and so is "The Paperboy", another underrated gem. There might be other wonderful Canadian films that I haven't discovered yet. Most Canadian films are of doubtful quality, but there are a few masterpieces tucked away waiting to be discovered. Like "Night Train".

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