Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Raze (1 Star)

This review contains spoilers, but I don't care. I want to warn people away from this twisted piece of horse dung.

50 women are trapped in an underground lair. Over a period of seven days they have to fight one another to the death. Only the last survivor will be freed. To motivate them, they're told that if they refuse to fight their relatives will die, and if they lose a fight their relatives will also die. So 49 families will be wiped out whatever happens. It's like "Battle Royale", but a whole lot uglier. It's not artistic stylised fighting, it's just ugly scenes of women beating one another to death with their bare hands.

The back story is that it's an organisation that has existed for thousands of years, the leadership passed down from father to son. The leader and his wife wear some sort of Roman regalia. Do the fights take place yearly or less frequently? Who cares? Once in a lifetime is too often. When the leader spouted some rubbish about the fights being intended to glorify women, to show how powerful women are, I felt like puking. All the film does is show women being abused by men. Even if the violence is at the hands of other women, the men make them do it.

I almost gave an extra half star when Sabrina (Zoe Bell) finally broke out and started slitting men's throats on her way to freedom. I knew it would happen from the beginning. The only reason I sat through the first 80 minutes was so that I could cheer at the happy ending. But guess what? After a mass slaughter Sabrina was killed anyway. So one star it remains.

Unwatchable crap.

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