Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Baby Doll Escorts (3½ Stars)

This is the other short film that shares the "Baby Doll Diaries" DVD with "Baby Doll Strippers". It follows the same pattern as the first film. Nicole, the owner of an escort agency with the rather cheesy name Undresscourts, is interviewing three girls who are applying for a job. In a series of role-playing sessions Lucy, Veronica and Jessica take turns pretending to be a male customer while one of the other girls demonstrates her skill as an escort. Even the delightful Christine Nguyen, who plays the role of Lucy, pretends that she's a man. No wonder Veronica is looking at her with such amusement.

This film is slightly more explicit than "Baby Doll Strippers" and can be classified as pornography, but only just. It's soft porn, at least. I prefer it to the other film, but that's only because I like any film with Christine Nguyen in it. She's the best thing ever to come out of Vietnam.

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