Thursday, 5 February 2015

Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure (4 Stars)

A jury is made up of 12 people brought together to decide who has the best lawyer.

That quote, spoken in the film by Shannon Tweed as Dr. Claire Archer, is unfortunately true, especially in America. A lot of money can be earned from making sure that guilty people don't go to jail.

The fourth film in the Body Chemistry series begins where the third film ended. A reporter has written a screenplay for a film about the psychologist Dr. Claire Archer, in which there are details about her murdering her ex-lovers. When he delivers the script to a producer Claire is waiting, and she shoots both of them. She was witnessed committing the murder, so she hires the high profile lawyer Simon Mitchell to prove that she's innocent. Never a person to separate business and pleasure, she has a sexual affair with the lawyer. At the same time she makes anonymous threatening phone calls to Simon's wife and his legal assistant. Is this madness, or will it somehow help her case?

This is a very well written film, with a perfect balance between the courtroom drama, the action and the sex scenes. It's what all erotic thrillers should be. Unfortunately, it's now out of print. Let's hope there will soon be a box set containing all four films in the Body Chemistry Tetralogy.

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