Saturday, 28 February 2015

General: Google Censorship

A few days ago I made a very harsh post against the company Google, comparing its new policies on adult material in blogs to the censorship in Nazi Germany. Now, less than a week later, Google has listened to the feedback from its customers and decided not to implement the new changes. This is proof that Google is an open-minded, tolerant company that accepts the rights of sexual minority groups. It is also proof that my criticism of Google was wrong.

I publicly apologise to Google for what I wrote in my recent post.

I have already removed the post, so if anyone hasn't read it they never will. Suffice it to say, my criticisms were ill-founded.

This is a screenshot of the email sent to bloggers on February 23rd, 2015.

This is a screenshot of Google's new policy update on February 27th, 2015.

Thank you, Google, for continuing to offer your services to bloggers like myself free of charge.


  1. What did you write that's so bad? lol

    1. It doesn't matter what I wrote. It was wrong. But if you read my apology post and Google's "update" (the second screenshot) you can figure out the sort of things I wrote.

    2. Cant you at least give me a clue?

    3. I thought I already did. It's all there if you read between the lines of my apology and the Google quotes. That's all you'll get from me.

      One thing that I still dislike about the attitude of Google and other American companies like Facebook is the way they link pornography and nudity, as if they were the same. America has a much more restrictive attitude towards nudity, which is the fault of the country, not the companies. For instance, are the Sun's Page 3 photos pornographic? Of course not! Or at least, that's what you, I or any other sensible person in England would say. God-fearing Americans would be shocked if they opened their newspaper at breakfast and saw naked breasts. Even Madonna, a person that I would have expected to be sexually open, criticised Page 3 photos and said that England is a country of wankers. There are two problems here. The first problem is that America is a country with sexual hangups, at least a hundred years behind the rest of the civilised world. The second problem is that America feels that as the free world's biggest country they have the right to impose their morality on the rest of the world. I've been intending to write something about this for a long time, but it's difficult in a blog like this. I would have to post a series of nude photos to demonstrate my point that nudity doesn't have to be considered "adult", but Google (as the company hosting my blog) might disagree and use one controversial post to classify my whole blog as "adult". I don't want that.


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