Friday, 6 March 2015

Psycho Gothic Lolita (4 Stars)

Yuki is at home celebrating her birthday with her loving parents. They give her a beautiful white dress. Then a gang break into the house and murder Yuki's mother, crucifying her before her eyes. The effects on Yuki and her father are profound. Yuki's father becomes a Catholic priest, while Yuki decides to never wear white again. She wears black clothes and carries an umbrella in the sunlight to keep her skin pale. She dedicates her life to getting revenge for her mother's death, while trying to find out the reason she was executed. But some secrets are better not being known.

The film is an obvious parody of "Kill Bill". It's a half-way entity between the serious Japanese films of Sion Sono and the trashy films of Noboru Iguchi, alternating between serious fight scenes and ridiculously unrealistic special effects. We also see that even if you're in the middle of a life and death fight you still have to answer your phone.

I've never understood why they like to let the blood splash against the camera in Japanese films. Is it supposed to look more realistic?

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