Saturday, 7 March 2015

Bikini Avengers (3½ Stars)

Dean McKendrick, who wrote and directed this film, certainly doesn't have an attention to detail. His mistakes begin with the name of the film. Bikini Avengers? No, that's not the name of a super-hero group. The film features two super-heroes, Bikini Avenger and Thong Girl. Why didn't he pick that as the film's name? "Bikini Avenger" alone would have been acceptable, because Thong Girl is only the junior sidekick. But what about the costumes? As stylish as the costumes may be, Bikini Avenger (in gold) doesn't wear a bikini, and Thong Girl (in red) doesn't wear a thong.

Apart from these details it's a mildly enjoyable film. Dean borrows elements from "Batman" (the TV series), "Spider-Man" (the 1960's comics) and James Bond ("Goldfinger" and "Diamonds are forever"). The two girls have to save the world from the Jade Empress, who has stolen diamonds to power a nuclear satellite. It's not one of Dean's best films, but Erika Jordan and Jacqui Holland are two of the sexiest super-heroes you'll see in any film. No man is strong enough to fight against them.


  1. One of them looks good, anyway.

    1. Which one? I like them both. If you forced me to choose I slightly prefer Erika Jordan.


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