Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Princess Raccoon (3 Stars)

Emperor Azuchi, who considers himself to be the world's most beautiful man, is jealous of his son Amechiyo's good looks, so he banishes him to the Kairasu mountain. The mountain is the home of shape-shifting raccoons, and when Amechiyo sees the princess of the raccoons in human form he falls in love with her. Romance is forbidden between humans and raccoons, so there is opposition from both their families.

This is a musical that is based on traditional Japanese kabuki theatre, but it incorporates modern western elements such as tap dancing and rap music. It's strange watching women in kimonos twerking. The princess is played by Zhang Ziyi, who doesn't speak Japanese, so she must have learnt her lines for the film phonetically.

It's a weird film. I don't know what to make of it. Both the story and the style are completely alien to me. I need to watch it again to make up my mind about it.

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