Monday, 30 March 2015

Wie Feuer und Flamme (5 Stars)

I've watched this film a few times, but today is the first time that it made me cry. I don't even know why I was crying. I shed my first tears less than five minutes into the film as I watched the scene where the Berlin Wall was opened. I dried my eyes to carry on watching, but I sobbed repeatedly, right up to the final scene where Captain has abandoned his life as a punk. I'm a sentimental fool.

However, it does make me sad to see a devoted punk move on and lead a normal life just because he's older. The older I get, the more important it is for me to cling to the ideals that meant a lot to me when I was young. Okay, I spent a few years involved in the punk scene, but that doesn't apply to me because I never really considered myself to actually be a punk. I listened to the music, I hung out with punks, but I demonstratively wore psychedelic shirts to look different from them. I considered myself to be a hippy when I was young. I rejected money making and capitalism. I still don't want to be rich. I want enough money for food, clothing and the basic pleasures in life, but I don't want luxury. That's something that people don't understand about me. Even my ex-wife, Brigitte, has accused me of wanting her money. Ridiculous! If I'd wanted her money I would never have left her. But then again, it's now 18 years since I walked out and she still doesn't know why I left her. I've told her again and again, but she's never believed me and she keeps speculating what the real reason might be. But now I'm getting onto a different subject. I'll stop now before I start crying again.

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