Monday, 23 March 2015

The Revenge of Trinity (4 Stars)

This is an example of the bad marketing of a good film. The film was released in England as "The Revenge of Trinity". That makes it look like this is a sequel to "They call me Trinity" and "Trinity is still my name". Wrong. This film has nothing to do with Trinity. It was actually made before the Trinity films that made Terence Hill famous. And it's a completely different character. In the Trinity films Terence Hill plays the part of a rather unskilled cattle thief called Trinity. In "La colera del viento" (literally translated "The wind's anger") he plays a ruthless killer for hire called Marco. The Trinity films are spaghetti westerns that take place in the border area between America and Mexico. "The wind's anger" takes place on the southern coast of Spain in Andalusia (not Valencia, as incorrectly stated in IMDB).

I wonder why Terence Hill is shown crushing ants on the cover of the English DVD. He doesn't do that in the film. Strange.

The film itself isn't too bad. It takes place in the late 19th Century. Marco and Jacabo grew up in an orphanage. Jacabo is a few years younger, so Marco treats him like a younger brother. Together they become Andalusia's best hitmen. They are hired to prevent a rebellion of workers against the landowners who make them work for very low pay. After killing two of the workers' leaders Marco begins to think he's fighting on the wrong side, but Jacabo insists on continuing with the job.

The film's atmosphere is dark and gloomy. It's really a film about slavery, although in this case the slaves are poor Spanish peasants, not black people in America. I don't know of any other films that deal with this period in Spanish history. The only thing that spoils the film -- apart from the bad marketing -- is the strange cinematography in the romantic scenes. Whenever Trinity kisses Soledad, the beautiful tavern owner in the Spanish poster, the camera keeps changing viewpoints erratically. It's like the quick cuts in music videos. Totally annoying.

P.S. In Germany the film is called "The Devil knows no Hallelujah". Even though this has nothing to do with the film, I have to praise the Germans for their imaginative film titles.

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