Thursday, 15 September 2016

Bad Girls Behind Bars (3 Stars)

This is the first film that was directed by Sal V. Miers for Retromedia. At the time it was released (i.e. shown on television) it looked like he had replaced Dean McKendrick as the creator of softcore erotic films for Retromedia, but this year Dean McKendrick has made another three films, so it seems like the two will work side by side. Whatever makes money.

Sal can't be credited with originality. The story, which he also wrote, is only a slight variation of Fred Olen Ray's 2012 film "Baby Dolls Behind Bars". In "Baby Dolls Behind Bars" a policewoman goes undercover in a prison, but she couldn't be released because the judge, the only person who knew the charges against her were fake, died of a heart attack. In "Bad Girls Behind Bars" a reporter goes undercover in a prison, but the only person who knows that the charges against her are fake (presumably also a judge, though his role isn't explicitly specified) also dies.

Unfortunately, this film doesn't live up to the standards of "Baby Girls Behind Bars". The film's weakest link is the main actress, Jacqui Holland (in the centre in the above picture). Her acting in general is acceptable, though not as good as that of the other two inmates, Sarah Hunter (left) and Erika Jordan (right), but her performance in the sex scenes is abysmal. She lies on her back looking totally bored. Maybe the problem is that she had to take part in five sex scenes for the film, and by the end of the day she was thinking to herself, "Yawn, not another one. I wonder what will happen in Game of Thrones tonight". However, I give the blame to Sal V. Miers and his lack of experience. As director he should have yelled "Stop! Let's start the sex scene again, this time with more enthusiasm". Apart from that he should have choreographed the scenes better. They all seem rather samey, repeating the same moves, especially the girl-girl scenes.

After watching two of Sal V. Miers' three films my opinion is still negative. I hope that the third will be better.

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