Monday, 19 September 2016

Model for Murder (4 Stars)

I watched this film earlier this month. Click here for the review. I watched it again today to get a better impression of Dean McKendrick's newer films, his erotic thrillers. I see a lot of promise in his new style. The only real improvement necessary is to make the films longer. A thriller shouldn't run for less than 90 minutes, it needs time to build the suspense.

A small fault in the film is the sound editing. In the beach scene the waves are so loud that the dialogue is barely comprehensible. The microphones should have been placed closer to the actors. Alternatively, the sound could have been dubbed with a studio recording.

Billy Snow and Erika Jordan make a good pair as the detectives O'Neill and Parker. It would be good to see them reprise their roles in future films. Are you reading this, Dean?

I'm very impressed with Sarah Hunter, shown above with Jon Fleming. As well as being a fine actress, the contrast between her plain girl-next-door appearance when clothed and her incredible sexuality when undressed is fascinating. She's my favourite of the new batch of Retromedia actresses. I hope to see a lot more of her, with and without clothes.

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