Friday, 2 October 2015

Aaaaaaaah (4 Stars)

On the surface this is a comedy, but underneath it's a commentary on humanity. Where are we? What are we? Are we men or animals?

The film was shown today at the Electric, England's oldest cinema. The director Steve Oram and the leading actress Toyah Willcox were present to answer questions after the film. The film has no dialogue, but that's not how it began. The actors were given a script. After they had internalised the script they had to perform their lines in ape-like grunts instead of English. The final result is one of the most bizarre films ever. The characters act in ways that we recognise from the animal kingdom. The alpha male rules the pack, he deals with challenges, he marks his territory, etc. The females deal with the males in whatever ways they can.

As expected, Toyah filled the room with her charm. After all these years she's still so tiny. I'd be afraid I would knock her over. She was supported by her husband Robert Fripp, also in the audience. He supplied a large amount of the music for the soundtrack. I was happy to hear that she's returning to acting in a big way, including "The lies we tell", an upcoming film with Gabriel Byrne and Harvey Keitel.

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