Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Supervixens (5 Stars)

This is the 15th film in the Russ Meyer Collection, made in 1975. It's probably his best film, a social commentary on America, law and order and gender roles. In the film all the women are super, and all the men are not super. America definitely isn't super, and neither is the American legal system.

Clint Ramsay doesn't have much of a life. He lives in a small house in the desert and works at a petrol station that belongs to the Nazi war criminal Martin Bormann. He shares his house with his girlfriend, Super-Angel. After a domestic dispute he's arrested by the policeman Harry Sledge, played by the magnificent Charles Napier. He's released from jail, but Super-Angel won't allow him back into the house because she's spending time with Harry. The evening doesn't go well. Super-Angel mocks Harry's lack of virility, so he kills her and frames Clint for the murder.

Clint flees across America, encountering superwomen wherever he goes. He tries to be a gentleman, refusing to have sex with them however much they insist. That's a mistake. By refusing the superwomen what they want he's punished, directly or indirectly. In a world where the women are super and the men aren't super, the men have to obey.

Eventually Clint meets a woman called Super-Vixen and moves into her luxurious cabin, pictured above. That's the American dream, a home to call your own. They have a few short weeks of peace, before Harry discovers them by accident. Harry is determined to kill Clint and anyone who's close to him. What follows is a fight to the death, overseen by the spirit of Super-Angel. It seems that she approves of Clint's new lover. After all, Super-Angel and Super-Vixen are played by the same actress, Shari Eubank.

As usual, Russ Meyer does a brief cameo, this time as a motel manager. Be careful, if you blink you'll miss him.

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