Friday, 16 October 2015

Yella (3 Stars)

"Don't dance with the Devil. When the lights go on and you look in the mirror you might find that you yourself are the Devil" (Dagbok Greymoon).

I watched this film a few years ago and didn't enjoy it very much. I recently stumbled on a review by Roger Ebert in which he highly praises it, so I thought I would give it another chance. It still doesn't appeal to me. Most of the film takes place in the dull world of big business and venture capital. Even the supernatural elements can't make it interesting. When we find out what's behind everything it's disappointing, a cheap way out. It's a powerful performance by Nina Hoss as she stumbles through a nightmare, but the story itself is too weak.

I've decided to dedicate next month, November, to watching my "30 films to watch before you die". It's the last 30-day month till April, so it's a good month. I'll try to watch one film each day. If I miss a day for any reason I'll watch two films the next day.

I've been planning to watch the whole of the Medina Collection for some time. I'll probably begin in December. It's a big collection, 32 films, so I might not watch them all on consecutive days. I might stretch the viewing over two months. I'll see how things go when I start.

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