Monday, 19 October 2015

Bikini Carwash Academy (4 Stars)

This is a re-release of the film originally released as "Bikini Escort Company" in 2006. The new title at least makes sense. The original release was in a 4:3 ratio, the new release is in a more natural 16:9 ratio. The opening scene with the credits has been replaced, which is a shame, because the original credits scene featured the song "Space Age Mafia" by the Erotics.

What's curious is that the names in the credits sequence have been changed. In the original release the film was written by Sherman Scott, produced by Kimberly Ray and directed by Nicholas Medina. In the re-release the film is written by Darin Richards and produced and directed by Sherman Scott.

That's curious. Sherman Scott and Nicholas Medina are both pseudonyms used by Fred Olen Ray, but the former name is used for his serious films and the latter for his erotic productions. I don't know who Darin Richards is. It would surprise me if Fred hadn't written the film himself. Kimberly Ray is Fred's wife, and she has produced almost all of his films for the last 15 years, so it's strange that her name has been removed from the credits.

This is a fun film with a tenuous connection to "Bikini Carwash Company". On the other hand, all the bikini films made in the last 20 years have a similar plot. That's what makes them so good. Four college students have failed their final exams. They're told that they have one last chance. If they can take over a failing business and make it a success within two weeks they will be awarded a pass. So the girls find a carwash company, strip down to their bikinis and offer a handjob to their customers. By that I mean a hand car wash, of course. The customers can't drive in fast enough, and business booms.

I give myself some credit for the re-release of this film. I've wanted to buy it for years, but it's been selling on Ebay for prices between $400 and $700. It's a must-have for lovers of trash cinema. That includes me, but I couldn't afford the price. I sent Fred a message telling him the prices were so high, which he found amusing. He's been kind enough to re-release it so that his fans can buy the film for a reasonable price. Apart from that, it's an easy profit for him, even if he's only selling it for $10.

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