Thursday, 31 March 2016

TV Series: Daredevil

In the Daredevil TV series, season 2, episode 5, Karen Page is reading an old copy of the New York Bulletin. There's an article with the headline "Local Gangs Push Hard Against NY Law Enforcement", written by Steven Morahan. In amazing poetic gibberish he writes:

Beauteously dependently however the stuffily and coherent rode crud laconically goodheartedly set bee outgrew along much gazelle jeez far lackadaisical as splendidly hey grizzly busted so ignorant outside a peered definite beneath justly hello.

That's only the first paragraph. The camera scrolls down and shows us that there are at least another eight paragraphs of similar nonsense. As if this isn't bad enough, in the next article, headlined "Prominant Socialite Charged with Child Endangerment", Carly Whitaker repeats the same text. She doesn't even know how to spell "prominent" correctly.


P.S. You can click the picture to enlarge it.

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