Saturday, 6 July 2013

Alien: Resurrection (4½ Stars)

So what happened here? After watching "Alien 3" you must have thought the story of the Aliens (with a capital A) was over. Ellen Ripley committed suicide to kill the Queen Alien growing inside her chest, making a neat end to the trilogy. Yet now they're back. The Aliens have been brought back from the dead, and so has Ripley.

The story takes place 200 years later. Mankind has made great scientific advances without learning the need for caution. Having heard about the Aliens of the past, the United Systems Military thinks that if they resurrect them they can use the Aliens for medical research. To do this, they regenerate Ripley and the Queen growing within her from blood that has been stored since her suicide. The Queen is resurrected normally, but Ripley is no longer fully human, because her DNA has been mixed with that of the Queen. Ripley tries to warn the USM of their mistake, but instead of being cautious they breed another 12 Aliens from the Queen.

This is a good film, which once more neatly closes the Aliens saga. But please, let the story rest now, we don't want any more films!

Oops... what did you say? I'm too late with my warning? They already made "Alien vs Predator"?

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  1. Ha, yes too late, they made two! And a prequel. Have you seen those three yet? AVP, AVP:Requiem and Prometheus. I enjoyed them all personally. And what about Predators? Guess I'll look for that if you've reviewed it. I am trying to recall the two versus movies as I type and I seem to remember more about the first one. I thought it was credible to have the two species interact as a hunter/hunted duo on a 'neutral' planet. Though with Prometheus it seems the Aliens never really had a planet so I wonder if they'll figure a way to tie that in with another film?


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