Sunday, 7 July 2013

Off-Topic: Beyonce and Internet Censorship

I don't dislike Beyonce Knowles or her music. I don't like her either. To be honest, she's irrelevant to me. She's just one of a long list of singers from America. She's not the worst, but she's definitely not the best. Usually I ignore all the celebrity buzz about her, but a few days ago I read something that made me take notice. Her lawyers have written to websites and asked them to remove concert photos of her which she considers unflattering. This is interesting. If they were asking for copyrighted photographs to be removed I could understand it, but asking for amateur snapshots to be removed because she doesn't look glamorous in them? That's an amazing display of conceit. Some of the websites have complied, presumably to avoid trouble, but so many people have already downloaded them that it's impossible to prevent them being reposted elsewhere. I've looked at the photos concerned, of which I've posted a sample above, and I don't see what all the fuss is about. She's a singer who used to be pretty, but is now past her prime. She should have kept quiet, and people would have forgotten about the photos. The more she squeals, the more people will look at them to see what she's complaining about.

Come on, Beyonce. It'll soon be time for your next music video. Put on a ton of make up and you'll be beautiful again. That's the way you want the world to remember you. You don't want to draw attention to unflattering photos and be remembered as someone campaigning to keep the truth off the Internet.

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