Monday, 22 July 2013

It came from beneath the sea (4 Stars)

Havoc! Chaos! Destruction! Male chauvinism!

This film might be only 60 years old, but the portrayal of male-female relationships could be from the dark ages. Lesley Joyce is a university professor, a strong independent woman, you might think. But as soon as she meets submarine commander Pete Matthews she becomes weak and melts into his arms. He's a man who takes charge. He doesn't ask her if she wants to dance, he tells her to dance with him. He's pure neanderthal, but she likes it. The film includes a few small speeches about modern woman, but they seem patronising, and the film's action contradicts what is said.

Until now I've always avoided coloured versions of black and white films. I've always said that films should be viewed the way they were intended. In this case I had to rethink. While watching I flicked between the original and coloured version for a few minutes, before finally deciding that the coloured version is superior. Ray Harryhausen's giant octopus looks much more realistic in colour. I might even go back and watch "Plan 9 from outer space" in colour.

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