Monday, 22 July 2013

World's End (5 Stars)

I went to the cinema yesterday evening with some trepidation. I bought my ticket, expecting this to be the best film of 2013. If you have such high hopes you're sure to be disappointed. Right?


The film lives up to everything I expected of it, and more. Yes, it is the best film of 2013 so far. Simon Pegg is brilliant in every role he plays, but when he teams up with Nick Frost their films reach heady summits of brilliance.

It's a buddy movie. Gary (Simon Pegg) grows up in the cute little English town of Newton Haven. After leaving school Gary and his four friends, Andrew (Nick Frost), Oliver (Martin Freeman), Peter (Eddie Marsan) and Steven (Paddy Considine) decide to go on a pub crawl, a typical English outing, in which a group of people drink one drink in each of a series of pubs. Their pub crawl follows what they call the "Golden Mile", a route that links all of Newton Haven's 12 pubs. Unfortunately, the boys get drunk and never complete the pub crawl. But it was the best day of Gary's life.

20 years later the five friends have moved on. They live in different towns and are no longer in touch with one another. Gary is living a miserable life, and decides he wants the old days back. He finds his four friends and reunites them to repeat the pub crawl of their youth. The same path, the same pubs, starting at the First Post and ending at the World's End. The middle-aged men are ignited with rediscovered teenage idealism, but the pub crawl isn't an easy task. On the one hand, they've all become respectable and can't drink as much alcohol as they used to. On the other hand, Newton Haven has been taken over by alien invaders. Gary and his friends are caught up in a frantic race from pub to pub, trying their best to finish their drinks while saving the Earth.

The film hasn't been released in America yet. My American readers have to wait until August 23rd. Don't make any compromises. It's worth seeing on the big screen.

P.S. Is there anyone else who's old enough to remember how good YouTube was before Google bought it and ruined it by adding all those ugly ads? Microsoft might be the Great Satan, but Google is trying its best to usurp that title.

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