Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Shanghai Knights (4½ Stars)

Made in 2003, "Shanghai Knights" is a sequel to "Shanghai Noon". Since the last film Chon Wang (pronounced John Wayne) has been the sheriff of Carson City, Nevada. Roy O'Bannon has gone to New York to invest the money the two of them made in the first film. They're reunited when Chon Wang hears the news of his father's murder. The killer is a senior member of the British royal family, 10th in line to the throne. Chon Wang's sister Lin has gone to London to track him down. Chon and Roy sail to England to assist her.

"Shanghai Knights" has all the antics and humour of the first film. Rather than repeat the jokes, as is common in sequels, it adds new humour by making fun of England and English traditions. We meet historical figures such as Queen Victoria, Charlie Chaplin and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. We also see why Jack the Ripper was never caught. Watch the film to see what happens.

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