Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Triangle (5 Stars)

Today I was discussing this film with a friend, and I realised I hadn't watched it for two years. I couldn't resist, I had to watch it again straight away. Well, maybe not immediately. I had some household chores to do, so I had to wait a few hours.

When I watch a film that I've already seen a few times I try to put myself into the mindset of not knowing what will happen next. I attempt to forget that I've seen it before. That's not completely possible, but I do it as well as I can. Today I was relatively successful. Each development in the film shocked and surprised me. I really felt as if it were a new film for me.

I also tried to understand the film again, forgetting what I had deduced in the past. This wasn't quite as easy. I quickly agreed with what I wrote in my review in 2013, which I shan't repeat here. Read that review if you want to, but beware, it contains spoilers. Today I became aware that there's one detail of the film that I don't understand. What's the significance of the seagull? I know that the film is based on Greek mythology, so there's probably a connection somewhere. I know that doves are associated with Aphrodite, but I'm not aware of seagulls playing a part in any legends. It's interesting that Jess kills a seagull every day and throws it to be eaten by crabs, after which another seagull -- or maybe the same one -- follows her on her journey.

Sometimes I'm disgusted with the viewing public. "Triangle" was filmed with a budget of $15 million, but it earned less than $2 million at the box office, making it officially a big flop. How did this happen? How could such a brilliant film have failed to attract the public's attention? Was it badly marketed? Film posters present it as a horror film, which it certainly isn't. Even the DVD covers make it look like a horror film. I wonder whether the artists responsible for the posters and DVD covers had even seen the film.

I haven't yet listened to the director's commentary on the film. That's something I ought to do. Soon.

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