Friday, 25 August 2017

Bibi & Tina Voll Verhext (3½ Stars)

This film is a sequel to "Bibi & Tina", continuing the story of the teenage witch Bibi Blocksberg on her never ending holiday. The title means "Bibi & Tina Completely Bewitched". The studios were in a hurry to make the sequel. The first film was released on 6th March 2014, and the second film was released nine months later on 25th December 2014. That was perfect timing for a girl to go to see "Bibi & Tina", meet someone in the dark cinema, have a one night stand, have a baby girl, call her Bibi, then leave her newborn baby with her mother while she goes to watch the sequel and meet another man.

This is a better film than the first film. Even though it's still targeting young girls the film is less juvenile in tone, if you understand what I mean.

The film begins with a robbery in Castle Falkenstein. The valuable paintings are taken off the wall, and more importantly the count's monocle collection is stolen. The insurance company refuses to pay because the castle wasn't adequately protected against thieves. Detective Greta Müller is sent to investigate the case.

Tina's mother reveals that the Martinshof, her house and riding stables that offer bed and breakfast, is in financial difficulties and may have to close. That would be an abrupt end to Bibi's eternal holiday. The two girls ride into town to invite people to book a holiday in the Martinshof, but the first new customers include two boys who took part in the robbery. They want to come back and spend a few days checking if there's anything else of value that they missed. Bibi falls in love with one of the boys, which clouds her judgement.

There's a lot more magic in this film than in the first film. Sometimes it backfires. When Bibi decides to go back in time to witness the robbery she goes too far and has to face a German army brigade in World War One. Witchin' ain't easy.

There's also more music in this film, especially in the first half of the film.

When Detective Greta Müller breaks into song the policewomen start dancing. I'll watch any film with dancing policewomen, but the film has much more to offer.

There are fierce guard dogs.

There's a farmer with a pitchfork.

There's a young girl in love with the farmer with a pitchfork. Doesn't she realise that she's way too young for him? She can't be a day over 12.

There are tough security guards. Or are they just auditioning for the Broadway musical version of "Reservoir Dogs"? Incidentally, one of the guards is the same girl who's in love with the farmer, this time with her hair combed flat. Can you spot her?

There's a teenage witch and her best friend dressed up as cowgirls. The actresses were both 17 when they made the film, too old to realistically portray 13-year-olds, but they do their best.

There's a vampiress who calls herself Elvira.

There's Catwoman. Meow! It's actually Sophia who was a holiday guest in the first film. Please don't let her know I told you her secret identity or she might scratch me.

After watching the first film I wasn't sure if I would continue with the series. I'm glad I did. "Bibi & Tina Voll Verhext" is no masterpiece, but watching it made me feel good inside. Summer and sun and pretty girls.

The most exciting woman in the film is Detective Greta Müller, played by Mavie Hörbiger. She doesn't need a gun to arrest a criminal. She wraps her legs around his neck. I'm jealous.

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