Sunday, 6 August 2017

Dark Forest (1½ Stars)

If you click around on Amazon Prime you'll find a large number of horror films that you've probably never heard of. They might tempt you if you're a horror fan.  An ominous title and a photo of pretty looking girls. Something like "Dark Forest".

The film is about a camping trip. Four girls go to the forest to spend some girl time together, away from their boyfriends. Emily's boyfriend forbids her to go, so she sneaks out while he's asleep. We all know what a man does when his girlfriend is disobedient, don't we? He grabs a knife and drives to the forest to kill Emily, her friends and anyone else he meets on the way.

The film has zero suspense. Lots of people that we don't care about get killed. I felt tempted to give the film a rock bottom one star rating, but I added half a star because the girls look cute. I might have added another half star if they could act.

This isn't the first cheap horror film I've watched on Amazon Prime. I'm trying to remember the names of the others, but I've forgotten. I'll probably have forgotten "Dark Forest" by this time next month. My advice to my readers is: stay away from any cheap looking horror films on Amazon Prime. Life's too short to waste on bad movies.

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