Sunday, 25 February 2018

Bibi & Tina: Girls against Boys (3 Stars)

This is the third film in the musical comedy series about the teenage witch Bibi Blocksberg and her best friend Tina Martin. The girls are away from home on a camping holiday, so they're surrounded by a lot more young people than usual. The location isn't named, but it was filmed in Brandenburg.

The action starts when Bibi asks to take part in a rugby match. Isn't rugby the most masculine of all sports? The boys laugh at her for taking part, but their laughter soon fades away. She's the fastest runner on the pitch, and she scores three tries in three minutes, leading her team to victory.

The boys can't live this down, so an adventure game is arranged to determine who's better, girls or boys. The boys and girls are divided into teams of three each. They have to follow clues and search for plastic stars hidden in the woods. The preliminary rounds are a process of elimination; a team only has to find one star to progress to the next round. In the final round the winner is the team that finds the most stars.

There are 12 teams. Each team is made up of three boys or three girls. The only exception is Bibi and Tina's team. The third member of their team is a French boy called Francois. For me that's the film's weakest feature. They should have had another girl with them, to make it a pure girls versus boys event. After all, we know before the game starts that Bibi and Tina will win, so why does a boy have to win with them? It doesn't make sense.

Down in the mud looking up at Bibi and Tina. This is the way most of the boys will remember their opponents.

Don't worry, boys. If you're not good enough for the girls you can still find a gorilla who loves you.

Do the boys really think they have a chance with these beauties? Dream on!

At least one boy finds love, but it's on the girl's terms. He has to shut up and enjoy it.

Click here to see the film's official music video, which is an excerpt from the film itself. It's silly, but somehow I like it.

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