Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Ed Wood (5 Stars)

This is doubtlessly one of the best films ever made. It's the true story of Edward D. Wood Jr, who's considered by many to be the worst film director ever. I disagree with this opinion, but I'll let it stand. It's a bigger achievement to become the worst at something than to be average. Nobody would ever want to make a film about an average director, but if someone is the worst people want to know about him. Last week I went to see "The Disaster Artist", another film about a monumentally bad director, Tommy Wiseau. Comparing the two, they couldn't be more different.

Ed Wood was a poor man who made the best films he could with the limited resources he had available. The end result was far from perfect, but his directing skills shone through the low budget appearance.

Tommy Wiseau was a rich man who invested millions into making a film, but the result looks cheap and amateurish.

Imagine what Ed Wood could have done with Tommy Wiseau's money. He would have made masterpiece after masterpiece.

"Ed Wood" has a few amusing scenes, but it isn't intended to be a comedy. Any humour comes out of the ridiculous things that happened in his life. The whole cast of "Plan 9 From Outer Space" had to be baptised to get funding for the film. I think that anyone able to strike a deal like that is a genius.

How does the actress Lisa Marie compare with Vampira? Her waist is thicker and her hands are smaller, but she makes up for it by having longer fingernails. Would you let yourself be scratched by Lisa Marie? I would. I'd still be gasping with excitement when she steps back and the blood is trickling down my cheeks.

I'll be watching "Ed Wood" again when I present my top 50 favourite films. If I ever get round to it.

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