Monday, 19 February 2018

Shark Week (3½ Stars)

Like most of Christopher Olen Ray's films, it's difficult to give "Shark Week" an appropriate eating. My personal definition of a "good film" is "a film that I want to watch at least three times". I can't say that of Christopher's films. I've enjoyed all of his films that I've seen so far, and yet they're films to be watched once only.

"Shark Week" excited me when I watched it. I sat riveted to the screen for 90 minutes. When it was over and the credits rolled my instincts were to give it a four star rating. Then I went and made myself a coffee. I sat down to write my review, and I thought to myself, "It wasn't so good after all, so maybe three stars would be better". Is that fair? What should I rate? The film's immediate experience, or the intellectual aftermath when I compare it with the classics of the last 50 years?

That's a question for my readers. I don't know the answer.

The film's plot is simple, but entertaining. Eight people are kidnapped and brought to a remote island. They don't know one another, but they're linked. They were all in some way responsible for the death of the island owner's son. He gives them a test. Every day for six days they have to battle a shark to the death. Anyone who succeeds will be set free. As you can expect, they begin with small sharks and build up to the largest, the great white shark.

The DVD cover is misleading. It portrays a gigantic shark that's typical for the recent spate of megashark films. All the sharks we see in the film are realistic creatures. It's an exciting last-man-standing film, but only watch it once.

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