Thursday, 12 January 2017

Tag (5 Stars)

"Run, Mitsuko, run".

"Run, Keiko, run".

"Run, Izumi, run".

Only Mitsuko can save the world, but how can she save anyone if she doesn't know who she is? The other girls in her school know some of the answers, but Mitsuko has to work out the rest for herself.

Aki knows that Mitsuko is the hero, the centre of the world, and she'll do anything she can to help Mitsuko succeed.

Sur is the most intelligent girl in the school. She knows that there are an infinite number of realities. What she doesn't realise is that all the realities are the same. Whenever Mitsuko tries to change something there are powerful forces at work that will restore the status quo.

Men! Vile, depraved, disgusting. Why should women be allowed equal rights when it's more fun to degrade them and use them as playthings?

Women are enslaved and they don't even know it. They cheer on Mitsuko and want her to win the race, but look carefully. The women at the front wave flags. Mitsuko is their hero, they want her to win. The women at the back wave big penises. They think that's the reward Mitsuko deserves. Women are encouraged to compete, and any woman who succeeds should be given to a man to be used and abused.

This is one of the best films ever made. I can watch it over and over again, and I'm never bored. Each time I watch it I pick up details that I previously missed. The sheer intensity of the film is overpowering. Sion Sono is my favourite director, and this is his best film. So far there isn't an official English release, although it's possible to find *cough* unofficial versions online. It was recently released on Blu-ray in Germany. The Germans have better taste when it comes to appreciating foreign cinema.

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