Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Mist (5 Stars)

Although "The Mist" is a classic HOTPOP film, it's worth pointing out that the film has other sorts of horrible things, not just the ones that emerge from the mist. When horrible things appear outside the supermarket the camouflaged horrible things inside the supermarket show what they really are. Religious fanatics often use their religion as an excuse for hate, but in their everyday lives they pretend to be loving and caring. When they're put under extreme pressure there's no need to pretend any more, and their evil can be displayed to everyone.

My regular readers already know my thoughts on female supremacy. Usually I would take the side of a woman brandishing a knife to threaten a man. I make an exception in the case of religious fanatics like Mrs. Carmody, shown above. She's not using a weapon to defend herself or further women's rights; she's carrying a knife to represent a male God, and she's not even aware of what this God really wants.

Today I watched the colour version for the first time in seven years. It will probably be the last time. The black and white version is better.

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P. S. In case you forgot, HOTPOP means "HOrrible Things Pounce On People".

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