Thursday, 30 November 2017

Sharktopus (3 Stars)

Here's a picture to get my readers excited. A giant shark attacking topless swimmers? I can see my readers pulling out their credit cards and clicking on the Amazon links already. Slow down a bit. This might be the picture that's used on the box of the German Blu-ray release, but it's false advertising. There are no naked breasts anywhere in the film. I'm sorry to disappoint you. Of course, I want you to click on my Amazon links, but not at the cost of dishonesty. Your favourite blogger Mike Hood is a good guy.

If you've calmed down you can read the rest of my review.

Films about giant sharks are in at the moment. They're not realistic sharrk films like "Jaws", which still stands out as the best shark film ever. In the new wave of shark films directors try to outdo one another in their exaggerated visual effects, such as sharks falling from the sky in storm weather or sharks jumping out of the water to attack helicopters. "Sharktopus", as the title suggests, is about a new breed of shark that's half octopus.

A contractor for the US Navy has bio-engineered this new breed of creature to be used as a weapon in future wars. That's a great idea, as long as they can be kept under control when they're being bred in America. Easier said than done. A giant Sharktopus escapes and swims from California southwards, along the Mexican coast. It's the perfect killing machine, and not just in the water. It can use its tentacles to walk on land and climb buildings. The tentacles have a sharp claw at the tip which enables the Sharktopus to stab its victims to death before eating them.

My main interest in this film was because it was produced by Roger Corman. His name on the box is a guarantee for quality. Usually. I was disappointed by the film. There are too many random holidaymakers being killed. There should have been more concentration on the plot.

This is the first in a series of Sharktopus films, three so far. It's been followed by "Sharktopus vs Pteracuda" and "Sharktopus vs Whalewolf". I shan't buy them, however many topless girls there may be on the cover. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy films about giant sharks, especially the films directed by Christopher Ray. But if a film is trashy it at least needs to be trashy in a good way.

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