Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Spider-Man 2 (5 Stars)

There are advantages and disadvantages to not watching a good film for a long time. The disadvantages are obvious. I'm missing out on something brilliant while spending my time watching inferior films. But the big advantage of not watching a good film for a long time -- in this case seven years -- is that when I finally watch it again it's like a new film to me.

"Spider-Man 2" is undoubtedly one of the best films ever made. Some people consider it to be better than "Spider-Man", which was made two years earlier. That's a tough decision to make. I consider "Spider-Man" to be slightly better than the sequel, but it's so close that I won't argue with anyone who disagrees with me. The first film is good because of the origin story. The second film has more emotional depth. Watching the film today convinced me of Sam Raimi's skills as a director. He should be allowed to direct all the Marvel films from now on.

In my last review, which I wrote seven years ago, I wrote that the film's extended cut, entitled "Spider-Man 2.1", adds nothing to the film. That's not quite true. "Spider-Man 2.1" adds a hilarious scene where J. Jonah Jameson tries on Spider-Man's costume. That's definitely worth seeing as one of the few comic highlights in an overall serious film.

The elevator scene is completely different in the extended cut. In the theatrical version the man in the elevator assumes that Spider-Man is someone going to a costume party. In the extended cut he knows that it's the real Spider-Man and gives him advice on how to improve his image. The original scene is better.

"Spider-Man 2" is in my Top 50 film list, which I intend to count down next year, so I'll be watching it again soon. I just checked my list, and it's in 14th place. Maybe I ought to push it up a few places before next year. I'll see.

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