Wednesday, 13 December 2017

A Ghost Story (4 Stars)

This is one of the most unusual films I've seen for a long time. It's not the first time a haunted house film has been told from a ghost's point of view, but I've never seen it done so effectively. Supposedly the film's budget was only $100,000. How is that possible nowadays? The lead actors must have worked for free.

A young couple live in a small house in a rural area. They aren't named in the film, but in the credits they're called C and M. I'll use those names for the sake of simplicity. C is a musician. M seems to be an interior designer, but it isn't completely clear.

C is killed in a car accident. In hospital he wakes up as a ghost. A big light shines in front of him, signifying a call for him to move on, but he refuses to walk into the light. He goes back home to be with his wife. She can't see him, so he stands watching her as the days, months and years roll by. The only way he can make himself noticed is by making lights flicker and moving objects.

Eventually M sells the house and moves out. Instead of following her C remains in the house. A new family moves in. They leave after he scares them by throwing plates. A group of young people move in. Then the house is demolished and a large office building is built on the same spot. C spends years walking through the building.

This is a very emotional film. I could feel C's loneliness. He's desperate to make contact with the living, especially the people he loves, but whatever he does to make contact scares people.

Despite its slowness, this is a fascinating film. It'll make you think about it for a long time afterwards.

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