Friday, 29 December 2017

Azumi (5 Stars)

This is an amazing film that grows on me more every time I watch it. The story is based on a simple premise. Japan has been ravaged by war. War is ugly. To prevent another war taking place assassins are trained to execute the leaders who want to start another war. Killing a few people can save the lives of thousands, maybe even millions.

That's where Azumi comes in. She was adopted as a young child after the death of her mother. Together with other orphans she's been trained to become a ruthless killer.

That's a good idea for today. Just think how history would have been changed if a young woman with a short skirt and a long sword had slain Adolf Hitler in his bed. And what about the present? We need a beautiful female assassin to kill Vladimir Putin. And Kim Jong-Un. She could kill Donald Trump as well. In fact, she could kill every male leader on Earth to make way for women of peace.

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