Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Coco Austin Lingerie Promotion Day 5

I forgot to mention until now that all the promotional photos that I use are taken directly from Amazon's web site. I've had to make them slightly smaller to fit my blog, but if you click on any photo you'll see the full size original image from Amazon.

I haven't included the prices in my descriptions because if I write today's prices the garments might be more or less expensive 12 months from now. For pricing visit Amazon's web site using the links supplied. All that I'll say is that the prices for such high quality lingerie are very reasonable.

If you thought the previous bodysuits are too daring, this is a way for you to look sexy while covering more flesh.

Coco Austin in white bodysuit.

Don't forget that June 11th, 2017 is Amazon Prime Day, on which Amazon Prime members are offered deals cheaper than Black Friday. You can sign up for a free trial membership now to take advantage of these deals. Click here for further details.

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